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About Pleio

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About Pleio (Government Square)


If we want to build a government 2.0 we require a government-wide platform for cooperation, a place where you can easily book an online meeting room for the people you work with which transcends organisational boundaries. That’s why Civil Servant 2.0 started Pleio, or Government Square. And at the same time we’re cutting costs!



Offering a platform


The Civil Servant 2.0 books describe various ideas for government initiatives to put 2.0 initiatives into practice. However, often there is no platform available to support these initiatives, either within or outside the organisation. Pleio meets this need. It is a platform for Dutch civil servants to meet each other, have discussions and work together with people from their own organisation or across organisational boundaries. But it is also a place to deal with issues together with members of the public.



Working in networks


What does this mean in practice? Civil servants work together in various teams, groups and networks. On Pleio they can bring the right people together to collaborate on a project or problem, from inside government or outside. Both civil servants and members of the public can create an account and make use of the facilities. One can, however, make a distinction in accessibility: for colleagues within an organization, for all civil servants or for everyone.



Collaborative approach


Pleio is freely available for all civil servants and all government organizations. A number of organizations have built an internal subsite to use as an intranet 2.0, others are using Pleio to involve citizens. Pleio has been built using open source software so all additions built by agencies are added to the “app store” and can be used by other agencies as well. By using a central platform and reusable applications the Dutch government wants to bring down software expenditure.


For more information visit www.pleio.nl or contact Davied.


Logo Pleio



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